Babé Farms – California’s Cradle for Baby and Root Vegetables


Coming from humble beginnings, Jeff and Judy Lundberg are a mother and son team who now own one of the biggest baby and root vegetable farms in California.

Most mothers have to beg their children to eat their veggies. Not Judy Lundberg. In fact, she actually got her son Jeff—who shares her life-long love of vegetables—to grow them, too.

Today, Jeff and Judy run Babé Farms, located in Santa Maria, California. One of the state’s biggest baby and root vegetable farms, Babé Farms was founded in 1986 by Will Souza and four partners, one of which is Judy. More than 25 years later, the mother-and-son team still maintains a family-owned-and-operated style of farming that exemplifies what California farming is all about. (It also earned Judy the “Famer of the Year Award” at the 2010 Santa Barbara County Fair.)

Thanks to Santa Maria’s mild Mediterranean climate, Babé Farms is able to maintain a year-round operation that consists of over 75 baby/specialty vegetables and salad blends. Keep an eye out for their specialty greens, baby artichokes and squash, and assorted root veggies —and see them in action here.